What is HAIR BOTO+?

Hair Boto+ contains a protein-rich formula which fixes the imperfections in each individual strand of hair with active ingredients.

Hair Boto+ is different from Skin Boto+ as it doesn’t contain the ingredient of botulinum toxin, It’s a name based on how the products works.

HAIR BOTO+ Vs. Keratin

Keratin treatments are chemical treatments that often contain formaldehyde. The formaldehyde is used to “lock” or “freeze” hair strands into straight position.

Hair Boto+ actually reverses damage to the hair cortex and hair cuticles while straightening, hydrating and bringing your hair back to life.

Who All can get HAIR BOTO+ Treatment ?

Introducing HAIR BOTO+

First of it’s kind Protein infused treatment to repair and provide wonderful shine to the damaged hair.


Some Common Hair Damage Cases Due to Many External & Internal Factors

Hair Boto+ Treatment On Different Hair

Hair Boto+ Result On Different Hair Conditions

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