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refix spa mask

Ever stared enviously at that friend who trekked out of a hair spa with locks that seemed right out of a glossy magazine ad? Perhaps you’ve been tempted to dive in yourself, but a barrage of questions stopped you

“Is it truly that amazing?”, “Can I afford a hair spa or even a refix spa mask?” or “Will it suit my hair type?” Let’s settle those doubts! Here’s your essential guide to hair spa treatments, pinpointing the right one for you and the magic it can sprinkle on your tresses.

Delving into the Hair Spa Journey with a Refix Spa Mask

Though the sequence may slightly differ across salons, the quintessential hair spa journey is generally a five-step waltz:

1. Shampooing:

Imagine starting with a clean slate. Your hair gets a good wash, ensuring all the dirt and weary dead cells are shown at the door.

2. Hair Mask:

The hero of the show! This luscious, serum-like potion is painted onto your hair. It is not just a superficial fix; it dives deep to combat dryness and dandruff and nourish those hair roots. The result? Hair that’s silky, vibrant, and frizz’s worst nightmare.

3. Magical Massage:

Ah, the bliss! This isn’t just to lull you into relaxation. Massaging revs up the blood circulation to your hair roots, supercharging their health. Plus, it ensures the earlier applied mask gets cosy with every inch of your hair and scalp.

4. Steam Session:

Think of this as a facial for your hair. A gentle steam bath that persuades the scalp pores to open up, making them more receptive to the goodness of the mask applied.

5. The Rinse:

Post the steam’s warm embrace, your hair gets another rinse, ensuring it’s free of any product residue.

Golden Nugget of Advice:

If you’re thinking of blow-drying or heat styling right after your spa day, hit the pause button. This could strip away the spa’s nourishing effects, landing you back to square one. Embrace your hair’s natural texture post-spa, and let it revel in its newfound glory!

Quest for Silky Strands:

Are you craving smooth, frizz-free hair? Look no further. This spa indulgence employs a mix of nourishing oils and potent antioxidants, promising lustrous locks.

Bear in mind that the world of hair spas isn’t just limited to these treatments. Various salons offer a plethora of options to cater to diverse hair dilemmas. So, the next time you’re at your favourite salon, take a gander at their menu and engage in a heart-to-heart with the therapist. Your hair deserves a perfect hair spa with the goodness of argan oil!

Benefits Of Hair Spa

Hair Spa is a hair expert-recommended hair care regimen. Our senior product development executive, Abhisikta Hati, says, “Hair spa needs a rigorous head massage to stimulate blood circulation in your scalp. The procedure increases the oxygen supply. It rejuvenates your scalp and improves hair growth.”

1. Removes impurities and unclogs scalp pores

Cleansing your scalp is as essential as your bath. Clogged pores can be hostile to your scalp and hair health. Unclogging pores is effective in regenerating hair growth.

2. Improves blood circulation

Apart from being a feel-good factor, the massages help increase blood flow. It adds nutrients to the follicles that make them firmer and more robust. It can also result in voluminous hair as well.

3. Normalizes oil secretion

Like the skin, sebaceous glands are present under your scalp, producing a natural oil called sebum. This oil keeps your hair and scalp healthy and in the right shape.

However, sometimes, an overproduction of this oil can result in clogged pores.

A dry scalp indicates your sebaceous glands are not producing the right amount of sebum, which is equally bad. Hair spa treatments aim at regulating sebum production for healthy and voluminous hair.

4. Moisturizes hair and scalp

Hair spa treatments involve essential oils and moisturizing agents to promote a healthy and hydrated scalp. Hair masks are packed with hydrating properties that prevent dryness and frizz.

5. Effective in reducing dandruff

Hair spa treatments focus on balancing the pH levels of your scalp. It is essential to promote healthy hair and maintain a healthy scalp. The ingredients are used to fight dandruff and dandruff-causing microbes as well.

6. Reduces stress

Stress can contribute to hair fall. A good massage always helps to combat stress!

Are you considering a hair spa? Hold that thought, and let’s delve into some of the less-sung aspects of this famous hair treatment.

1. Consistency is Key:

A hair spa isn’t a one-off magic trick. Much like expecting glowing skin after a single face mask application is unrealistic, occasional hair spa sessions won’t do much. It needs to be a regular fixture in your hair care routine to see lasting results.

2. A Pinch to Your Pocket:

While feeding your hair with the proper nutrients is essential, hair spa treatments can be somewhat pricey, generally hovering between Rs. 800 to Rs. 2000 a pop. If you’re on a budget, exploring DIY spa treatments at home might be a better fit.

3. Beware, Color Enthusiasts:

For those flaunting coloured tresses, a spa day could dull that vibrant hue. Always have a candid chat with your therapist about using color-safe products.

Navigating the Post-Hair Spa Maze: What to Do and What Not To

After a heavenly hair spa session, your locks feel rejuvenated and vibrant. However, to keep that post-spa glow, there are some guidelines you should follow and things you should steer clear of. Let’s dive in.

The Don’ts After A Hair Spa Treatment:

Heat Tools? Think Twice:

Tools that produce high heat? A big no-no. Embrace the natural texture of your freshly pampered locks.

Easy on the Tie:

Refrain from tying your hair too tightly; it needs time to breathe and relax after the treatment.

Gear Up Against the Sun:

Don that stylish hat! Your hair needs protection from the ruthless UV rays and environmental pollutants.

Right Products for the Right Hair:

Using products that cater specifically to your hair’s needs and concerns is vital.

Duration of Hair Spa’s Charm: 

Wondering how long the spa magic lingers? Typically, the effects of a hair spa stay put for 15-30 days, given that you follow the above don’ts and stick to a diligent hair care routine.

Frequency Matters:

Treating your hair to a spa 2-3 times a month is beneficial for frequent fliers and travellers. Ideally, every fortnight is excellent. Yet, if it feels too taxing on your time or wallet, a monthly session still works wonders.

First Wash Post-Spa:

The timing of your first post-spa hair wash is crucial. It usually varies with the type of treatment you’ve received. Always consult your spa expert; however, waiting 3-5 days is a general recommendation.

Hair spa sessions are more than just a luxury—they’re a ticket to healthier scalp and hair. But remember, the post-treatment care is equally crucial. Discuss with your hair spa professional and tailor the treatments to your needs. Your hair deserves a perfect hair spa with the genuineness of Dorofey’s Refix Spa Mask. Let us help you with luscious hair locks.




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